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About Vacations and Weddings in Maine

Vacations and Weddings in Maine is a directory and search website that is geared towards helping Maine businesses.

There are a lot of small to medium sized businesses in the State of Maine that do not get nearly  as much business as they should from the internet.  These businesses don’t have the advertising budgets to get the type of websites they need or the online advertising that they need to take advantage of the volume of searches on Google.  As a result, only the large businesses with deep pockets are able to profit from the internet leaving the rest of Maine businesses out in the cold.

Vacations and Weddings in Maine is the solution. 

We provide a vehicle for businesses to get noticed from the searches that are made in relation to Maine.  We are optimizing for 2 huge search categories in the state of Maine, vacations, and weddings.  This will drive thousands of searches to the site giving businesses the exposure that they desperately need.  So much of the Maine economy is tourist based, and we need to capitalize on the majority of searches on the internet which are done on mobile devices. 

Vacations & Wedding in Maine is a Online Directory for Maine Businesses

Vacations & Weddings in Maine is a web site promoting Maine and Maine businesses. While we strive to assure that the information on the web site is accurate and current, we do not and cannot warrant the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of any information on this web site and shall not be held liable for any losses caused by reliance on the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of such information.

All information and data is subject to change without notice.

External web site links are provided as a courtesy for the convenience of our visitors. Vacations & Weddings in Maine does not necessarily endorse these organizations, nor does it control the content of the linked web sites.

Vacations & Weddings in Maine reserves the right to deny any and all requests, to any business wanting to become a vendor on the Vacations & Weddings in Maine web site.  If denied your money payment, minus 25 %, will be refunded within 30 days.   If content is found not to be approved by the company, Vacations & Weddings in Maine, we have the right to remove existing listings, landing pages, existing links at anytime without notice and no refunds.

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